Common Tree Diseases You Need to Know and their Prevention

We get a lot of concerns about unhealthy garden with full of diseased plants and trees. The Tree Service Gainesville, FL, and other local tree companies have been providing every household the needs that they want such as proper pruning, cutting, fertilization, etc., but it is always in the hands of the home gardener that the overall health of the plants is secured.  

So, to help a gardener like you, we interviewed some of the experts to share to us the most common and top tree diseases that you might encounter in your garden or landscape.  

1.Cedar Rust 

Plants such as crabapple, hawthorn, and other rosaceous plants can commonly get cedar rust. This disease is characterized by the rust-colored leaf spots especially in the spring season. Although like other tree diseases, cedar rust can be different in various plant species. For instance, there are species that are susceptible to this kind of disease while others are not. The twig cankers can develop and cause dieback while the juniper branches may create a spore-producing structure.  


This can be prevented when you apply a fungicide starting at the bud break or when orange spores’ masses develop.  

2.Thousand Canker Disease  

This disease is commonly found in the Western United States and affects Juglans walnuts and black walnut.  

It is usually started by the walnut twig beetles which make it form some small cankers that spread to the stems and branches over time. What is cunning and insidious about this disease is that the tree can be infested for years without giving you any hint of infestations. Most of the time, when a tree is already infested, you may notice some declining branches especially on the upper parts of the tree where their leaves wilt and turn yellow.  


Once the tree has already declined, the tree has been already infested for many years and that it is difficult now to solve the problem. Currently there is no known solution for this.  

3.Apple Scab 

This is a disease that affects mostly the crabapple trees, although different species are more resistant, while others are more susceptible. This is characterized by premature defoliation of the infected tree.  


It can be cured by using a fungicide with active ingredients such as fenarimol setting at bud break.  

4.Lethal yellowing of palm trees 

This disease is a very common disease of palm trees in Texas and Florida such as coconut palm, Canary Island date palm, and other palm species except for the native palms. This disease is caused by a bacterium called phytoplasma that can be transmitted by any planthopper insects.  

You will notice some symptoms like a premature fruit drop, yellowing foliage, and flower death. The trees with infected with this disease may die after five months of being infested.  


Some of the farmers put an active ingredient called oxytetracycline hydrochloride to the plants to avoid being infected by the bacteria and fungi. However, the efficacy depends on the top of palm species. 

Other tree diseases: 

  • Oak wilt 
  • Photinia leaf spot 
  • Powdery mildew 
  • Dothistroma needle blight of pines 
  • Diplodia tip blight 
  • Anthracnose 

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