Things All Women Think About During Sex But Will Never Admit To

Sex is great but it is nearly impossible to shut off your brain form thinking random things even if the scene is getting hotter and hotter. Whether you are enjoying sex on your own with the company of adult toys San José, CA, or doing it with your partner, there are really things that will bother you while having a great self-time. Fortunately, these random thoughts just affect the scene minimally, and therefore do not really impose a serious threat to your enjoyment. If you are a male, this article is fun to read as you will know the things that women commonly think during sex but will never admit.  

1. Why does he look like he is in pain?  

Well, this is true. When women do love-making, sometimes they cannot tell if their partner feels pain or pleasure. It is like the guys are clenching through an old sports injury flare-up, and not having fun during the sex.  

2. Am I having this with him too soon? 

You cannot really beat the anxiousness of ladies. They would really over-think if whether or not they are doing the sex too soon. Of course, there are ladies out there who still want to be a bit reserved. But oh well, girls gotta do what a girl gotta do.  

3.Mmm. This is better with pizza 

Yep, food fantasies are super legit. This does not mean they women prefer food than getting laid. It just that the night would be so complete having the two. So, next time, when you wanna hang out with a girl, bring some food that you can enjoy after that hot activity.  

4. Oh, cmon, do better, faster 

If you are a male, you probably experience your partner just swaying and dancing with you as if following your pace and just getting when you are about to burst. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Women might not admit this probably because we are too modest and respectful of males’ inadequacy, but yes, women sometimes feel your incompetence and just want you to do better next time (if there will be next time that she permits).  

5. That Netflix show’s new episode is streaming now 

Do not get us wrong. Women like to have lovemaking — it just that things are really difficult to control and that includes or thoughts. We just love to watch movies – it is all. Maybe, next time, you should watch movies before lovemaking. It is “Netflix and Chill after all.  

6. Was I able to take my birth control? 

Love is amazing and babies are a blessing, but of course, things need to be planned. When you just want to have fun tonight, it is really important to take precautions. This is why you can never erase these thoughts from women.  

Final thoughts 

Of course, just because women think these things during sex does not mean she is not having fun. It is simply that women have a complex brain that they cannot focused on one thing. But after all, it is more about the intimacy you are able to give her, and less about the physical touch.  

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